Rules & Regulations

The parks and recreation areas in Jasper County are equipped and maintained for your enjoyment! Please help us to keep them in good condition for all visitors.

A complete listing of the rules and regulations governing these areas is posted at each park. Please help us keep them clean and attractive by observing these few simple rules:


Motorized vehicles are restricted to roadways and designated parking areas. Park roads are public roads and operators of motor vehicles must have a valid license.

Speed Limit

  • 15 miles per hour


  • Please use fire rings or grills for all fires.


  • "Pack it home if you pack it in" is the best rule. Use refuse containers provided in some park areas.


  • Keep on leash at all times except in areas open for public hunting


  • Firewood is not provided in any areas; bring your own! Cutting of firewood in any area is prohibited.


  • Allowed in designated areas; $7.00 per unit per night.

Closing Time

  • Most areas shall be closed between the hours of 10:30 P.M to 5:00 A.M. except for normal overnight camping or observatory programs.


  • Permitted only in areas open for public hunting

Code of Iowa

Code of Iowa Section 111.35 through 111.57 apply to all county conservation areas. Violation of these rules or applicable state laws is a simple misdemeanor.