Issuance of Weapon Permits

Sheriff's Office Procedure

The Jasper County Sheriff's Office shall issue weapons permits according to the following procedure:

  • All applications for weapon permits must be made in person at the Jasper County Sheriff's Office.
  • Applicants will not leave the office with a permit to carry weapons in hand as processing may take up to 30 days. Permits to acquire weapons will be issued at the time of application unless the applicant is disqualified. Permits to acquire will not be valid for three days.
  • Appropriate training certificates or a certified qualification score (in the case of a renewal) must accompany the applicant at the time application is being made.
  • When an approved application has been signed by the Sheriff or his designee, the applicant will be contacted and informed the permit is ready to be paid and picked up.
  • If the application is denied due to any disqualifier(s), the Sheriff will notify the applicant in writing with the reason(s) for the denial.