Community Health Assessment & Health Improvement Plan

At least every five years, local boards of health lead a community-wide discussion with stakeholders and residents about their community’s health Iowa Department of Public Health logoneeds. After identifying needs in the community, the next step is to identify objectives and strategies to address those needs. The process, Community Health Needs Assessment and Health Improvement Plan (CHNA & HIP) is a fundamental element in statewide planning. CHNA & HIP has more than a 20-year history in Iowa and represents local action to promote and protect the health of Iowans.

The IDPH website an excellent resource for statistics of our communities.

Latest CHNA & HP

A joint effort between Jasper County Health Department and Mercy/Skiff Medical Center was made to complete the CHNA/HIP. We utilize these reports to focus on areas that need improvement in our communities.

The top 3 issues noted for the Health Improvement Plan are Mental Health, Child Abuse, and Fall Prevention.

Reports for Jasper County