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Precinct Election Officials Interest Form

  1. Are you registered to vote in Jasper County? Precinct Officials must be registerd to vote in Jasper County.*

    For information on registered to vote, visit:

  2. Are you retired?*
  3. Are you willing to travel within Jasper County?*

    Polling locations require party balance which may result in you being assigned to a different polling location than where you vote. 

  4. Skill Level | Please list if you have a background and/or skills in any of these areas.
  5. Computer Technology *
  6. Customer Service*
  7. Data Entry / Typing*
  8. Apple iPad*
  9. Management*
  10. Training*
  11. Have you worked elections elsewhere before?*
  12. What is your Party Affiliation?*

    We ask this because state law requires party balance of poll workers from the two largest parties  (Democrats & Republicans) at each polling location.  Voters registered as No Party, Libertarian and Green may also work the polls.

  13. Other Opportunities : Please check any other opportunities you may be interested in.
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