Phone Services

ICSolutions (ICS) is the provider of the inmate phone system.

Inmate Phone Time

The inmate phone system works on prepaid time or collect calls, we no longer us phone cards.

  • Inmates can use the money on their commissary to make phone calls. The calls are then directly deducted from the inmate's commissary account at a rate of approx. $0.22 per minute. Some taxes and fees may increase this per-minute fee.
  • Family and friends can go the ICS website and set up an account that will allow an inmate to call one phone number on a prepaid account. The website is
  • Family and friends can accept collect calls when the inmate calls them. This feature would work just like any collect call, the family or friend would then be charged that bill 
  • Money can be put on an inmates books by dropping off cash at the jail window or mailing in a money order or bank draft check made out to the inmate.