Military Records

Discharge papers (DD214's) may be recorded for permanent records at no cost. A DD214 must be recorded before military exemption is applied toward property tax reduction. 

The Recorder's Office has on permanent record, military discharges that have been presented for recording by the veterans themselves or the U.S. Government Agency. There is no charge to record or obtain a certified copy of a military record.

Pursuant to Iowa Code Chapter 331.608(6), notwithstanding section 22.2, subsection 1, military records shall be confidential and shall not be made available for examination or copying except as follows:

  • To the person who is the subject of the record, to a member of that person's immediate family, or to that person's agent or representative duly authorized in writing.
  • To a person requesting to examine or copy a record when the event that resulted in the record being made occurred more than sixty-two (62) years prior to the request. However, the recorder shall redact any social security number included in a record made available pursuant to this paragraph.
  • To a person who is a licensed funeral director pursuant to chapter 156 and who has custody of the body of a deceased veteran.
  • When otherwise ordered by a court of competent jurisdiction.
  • When otherwise required by a department or agency of the federal or state government or a political subdivision. The recorder shall make these records available to the department of veterans affairs. The department of veterans affairs' and it s employees shall be subject to the same state and federal confidentiality restriction and requirements that are imposed on the recorder.

Applications for Military Records should be submitted to the Jasper County Recorder’s Office at;

101 1st Street N
Room 205
Newton, IA 50208

Application for Certified Copy of a Millitary Record

Other Resources to Try

Jasper County Veterans Affairs


Phone: 641-792-7993 

Fax: 641-787-1302


115 N 2nd Avenue E
1st Floor
Newton, IA 50208

Iowa Department of Veterans Affairs


Phone: 515-252-4698


7105 NW 70th Avenue
Camp Dodge - Building 3465
Johnston, IA 50131-1824

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs


Phone: 1-844-698-2311

For Military records not recorded in Jasper County,  you may request a copy from the National Personal Records Center at the link below.

National Personal Records Center



1 Archives Drive
St. Louis, MO 63138