ARPA Committee

ARPA Requirements

  • The ARPA Committee will have 5 individuals from the public
  • 4 members will be selected from the unincorporated territory, 1 from each quadrant of the county and must reside in the area of the county that they are representing
  • The 5th member serving from the public will be an at large member and may reside in incorporated territory
  • Committee members are expected to have some sort of knowledge about the ARPA funding and treasury requirements on how the funds must be spent although an in-depth knowledge and the time of appointment is not necessary or expected
  • Committee members will be having to make a significant time commitment and must attend the majority of ARPA Committee meetings. 

Time Requirements

  • The committee will be meeting at least once a month starting off. As community engagement meetings proceed the meetings will most likely increase to 2 times a month. The number of meetings may vary depending on the amount of public participation
  • Meetings are expected to last for around 6-8 months although this time may vary
  • ARPA meetings are expected to last between 1-2 hours although time will vary
  • Community Engagement meetings will last a minimum of an hour although this time will also vary depending on public participation


 Revised 2/1/2022